Some Junk EP

by Alex Zangari

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My first demo. A brief collection of old recordings of even older songs. Recorded with very limited resources and no production skills.


released July 21, 2013




Alex Zangari Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Japan
Let's go to Japan, I hear
That you're an anime fan
Take my hand, my dear
And we'll go to that far-away land
Who needs plans?

We'll wing it
Tell the world they can bring it
'Cause there's nothing we need
Except you and me

Let's go to the stars up above
You know that they're not very far
It ain't hard, my love
We shouldn't even need a car
Where they are

Let's go to Japan, my dear (x3)
We don't even need to make plans
In Japan, my dear
And we will go far away
Track Name: Nuuk/Hard Time
When you're going through a hard time
When life is starting to get down to you
When you think you're losing your mind
And all your nightmares, they become the truth

You've got me feeling like we have something going on
Then you're revealing that there was nothing there
Nothing there, oh nothing all along

When you're going through a hard time
When you feel the darkness of the brightest day
When the sun is there with no shine
And when you know I'll go away I'll say

And it's cold outside when you throw me out
The shivers make me wanna shout
The fire's warm but it burns too
And the only decent option's you

You've got me feeling
No, you've got me falling now
You've got me feeling
Like I am falling down

We planned our wedding but we never even kissed
You left me without any trace of happiness
You left me in a swift parade with all my friends
And now I see

Falling in love is falling into the same old trap again
And I'm trapped again
Track Name: The Bedroom Song
Sittin' in my bedroom
Thinkin' 'bout the years gone by
Oh, how I want you
Sometimes it makes me cry

Sittin' in my bedroom
Thinkin' we'd be great
You're perfect for me
I'm hopin' it's not too late

Sittin' in my bedroom
Thinkin' 'bout your pretty face
You're somethin' special
The only thing I want in this place

Sittin' in my bedroom
Wishin' romance'd go right for me
If I had the chance, I
Know that you would like me

Sittin' in my bedroom